Perfect Alibi, Sheldon Siegel (MacAdam/Cage)

Siegel, an attorney-author who deserves to be much more well known than he is, has produced another tightly plotted, fluidly written legal thriller. San Francisco defense attorney Mike Daley and his ex-wife and partner, Rosie Fernandez, are shocked to learn that their daughter’s boyfriend has been arrested for murdering his father, a judge on the … Continue reading Perfect Alibi, Sheldon Siegel (MacAdam/Cage)


Invasive, Chuck Wendig (HarperCollins)

Chuck Wendig is one of those writers who make crossing genre lines look effortless. He’s written, among other things, really good science fiction novels (see, for example, the Aftermath trilogy set in the Star Wars universe), top-of-the-line fantasy (the Miriam Black series, for instance), and a fine techno-thriller called Zer0es, which introduced us to FBI … Continue reading Invasive, Chuck Wendig (HarperCollins)

Into the Black Nowhere, Meg Gardiner (Dutton)

Meg Gardiner’s UNSUB (2017) was a brilliantly constructed thriller that drew its inspiration from the Zodiac case. In the sequel, Gardiner uses Ted Bundy as a jumping-off point, creating her own terrifyingly charming killer who likes to lay his victims out on the ground, dressed up in nightgowns that didn’t belong to them, and to … Continue reading Into the Black Nowhere, Meg Gardiner (Dutton)

Incarnate, Josh Stolberg (Atria)

Stolberg, a filmmaker and screenwriter, takes a bit of a risk in this gripping novel. Dr. Kim Patterson, a psychiatric resident at an Alaska hospital, meets a patient who appears to suffer from multiple personalities; but when the patient, a young girl named Scarlett, seems to know intimate details about another woman who has been … Continue reading Incarnate, Josh Stolberg (Atria)

Pandemic, Scott Sigler (Crown)

Sigler’s gritty Infected trilogy wraps up as the author takes humanity to the brink of extinction. The extraterrestrial invaders, who came to Earth in the form of a virus that takes over the human body, seemed to have been vanquished or at least seriously roadblocked in the last book (Contagious, 2009). But the aliens’ last-ditch … Continue reading Pandemic, Scott Sigler (Crown)

Nocturnal, Scott Sigler (Crown)

From the author of several excellent horror novels, including Contagious (2009) and Ancestor(2010), comes another page-turner. Bryan Clauser, a San Francisco police detective investigating a series of strange killings, is shocked when his own tormented dreams seem to presage the murders. And when he discovers that the victims all appear to be connected to a deeply troubled boy, … Continue reading Nocturnal, Scott Sigler (Crown)

Contagious, Scott Sigler (Crown)

In Infected (2008), Sigler crafted an intense thriller in which an alien species infects humans, inflicts them with nasty triangular growths, and turns them into murderous creatures. Apparently that was just the beginning. In this sequel, which, thanks to some nifty backfilling can be read as a stand-alone, the aliens are changing their attack plans, sending down … Continue reading Contagious, Scott Sigler (Crown)