The Meg (2018)

I probably don’t need to, but I feel a little sorry for Steve Alten. Here he spends, what, two decades trying to get his giant-prehistoric-shark novel Meg made into a movie, comes close a few times, and then it finally happens, and it turns out to be The Meg, a film that dilutes the novel's … Continue reading The Meg (2018)

Wanderers, Chuck Wendig (Del Rey)

  Post-apocalyptic fiction is a robust and frequently magnificent genre. Rather less developed is the genre of pre-apocalyptic fiction: stories set in the period immediately before civilization breaks down and most of humanity is snuffed out. Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers is a brilliantly conceived novel that takes places over the course of several months and ends … Continue reading Wanderers, Chuck Wendig (Del Rey)

Tortured Spirits, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)

Jake Helman, the NYPD homicide cop turned private investigator with an unwanted specialty in the supernatural and the horrific (see Personal Demons, 2009), is trying to save the soul of his best friend and former partner, Edgar Hopkins, who has been turned into a raven (see Desperate Souls, 2010). Problem is, the woman who put the curse … Continue reading Tortured Spirits, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)

Storm Demon, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)

Following closely on the heels of Tortured Spirits (2012), this exciting horror thriller finds Jake Helman, the NYPD detective turned occult crime fighter, looking into the disappearance of his friend, psychic healer Laurel Doniger. Jake soon discovers that something evil buried deep in Laurel’s past—under her real name, Erika Long, she was a popular romance novelist, until … Continue reading Storm Demon, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)

Personal Demons, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)

Lamberson, whose 2008 novel Johnny Gruesome was an out-and-out horror story, here blends the horror and mystery genres in a very evocative way. Jake Helman is a New York City homicide cop. While investigating the last murder committed by the enigmatic serial killer known as the Cipher, Jake quits the force (well, he doesn’t really have a … Continue reading Personal Demons, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)