Human Monsters, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)


The sixth novel in the Jake Helman series wraps up the story of its tortured hero. Once an NYPD cop, Jake has spent recent years battling all manner of supernatural forces: he’s missing a hand, has a glass eye, and, as an astonished doctor tells him, all of his bones, all 206 of them, have been broken and (perhaps miraculously) healed. Jake would very much like to give up fighting demons, but he has one final investigation: tracking down his former assistant, who, in the aftermath of the demon-conjured hurricane that nearly leveled Manhattan, has absconded with a laptop computer that contains “the secrets of the supernatural.” The investigation gets a lot more complicated when the missing assistant calls Jake to ask for help and then turns up dead. Lamberson seems to realize that you only take a guy so far into the depths of horror before you have to either kill him or set him free, and he gives Jake a fitting send-off; fans of the series should find this a satisfying conclusion.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, March 2015.

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