Storm Demon, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)


Following closely on the heels of Tortured Spirits (2012), this exciting horror thriller finds Jake Helman, the NYPD detective turned occult crime fighter, looking into the disappearance of his friend, psychic healer Laurel Doniger. Jake soon discovers that something evil buried deep in Laurel’s past—under her real name, Erika Long, she was a popular romance novelist, until Erika Long vanished, presumed dead—has decided not to stay buried in the past. And now Jake is locked in battle with a powerful, and extremely determined, creature whose quest for revenge could spell the destruction of New York City and more. Despite the serious subject matter, Lamberson writes with a light hand, keeping the proceedings moving at a brisk clip, peppering the story with humor and lively characterizations. Fans of the Helman series—this is the fifth installment—should eat this one up.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, August 2013.

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