The Frenzy War, Gregory Lamberson (Medallion)


Tony Mace, the homicide cop who in The Frenzy Way (2010) exposed the existence of werewolves in New York City, has been reassigned to the low-profile K-9 unit. His bosses are doing serious damage control to keep the truth about the not-so-mythical—and, it should be noted, mostly peaceful—creatures from getting out. But someone is killing werewolves, and Tony is drawn back into a hidden war he thought he’d left behind and finds himself pitted against his most fiendish foe yet, the ancient society of assassins, the Brotherhood of Torquemada. This is a very exciting mixture of crime novel, horror, and fantasy. Lamberson approaches werewolves from an interesting angle (they’re the victims here, not the villains), and the action is appropriately grisly, but he doesn’t lose the element of humor that made the first novel in the series so successful. Not merely a follow-up to The Frenzy Way but, rather, an expansion of that novel’s themes and story.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, May 2012.

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