Zero Day, Ezekiel Boone (Atria US, Random House Canada)

zero day

Ezekiel Boone wraps up his trilogy about flesh-eating spiders taking over the world with this creepy, skin-crawlingly suspenseful thriller. After the catastrophic events of The Hatching and Skitter, the human death toll is in the tens of millions, huge chunks of the world have been bombed into rubble (in attempts to kill the spiders, or at least keep them from spreading), the president of the United States has already unleashed nuclear weapons on American soil, and now she’s faced with an extraordinarily difficult situation: rogue members of her own government are planning to initiate a protocol that will effectively turn the bulk of the country into a nuclear wasteland (in the hopes that this will finally stop the spiders).

Meanwhile, a brilliant engineer has come up with a way to find the spiders’ nests, and perhaps a way to kill them. It’s a race against time to destroy the spiders before the mutineers destroy the country. It’s almost impossible to praise this remarkable trilogy too highly; not only has the author taken a wildly implausible premise and made it seem frighteningly possible, he’s created a story that is completely logical and realistic and a cast of characters who are lively and engaging. This is much more than a horror story about marauding spiders; it’s a story about perseverance and survival against overwhelming odds.

Copyright David Pitt


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