Pandemic, Scott Sigler (Crown)


Sigler’s gritty Infected trilogy wraps up as the author takes humanity to the brink of extinction. The extraterrestrial invaders, who came to Earth in the form of a virus that takes over the human body, seemed to have been vanquished or at least seriously roadblocked in the last book (Contagious, 2009). But the aliens’ last-ditch attempt to exterminate humanity lies, waiting to be activated, at the bottom of one of the Great Lakes. Dr. Margaret Montoya, who has already done more than her share to keep humanity from being wiped out, is coerced out of self-imposed retirement to investigate some strange goings-on in Lake Michigan and finds herself on the front lines of the alien invaders’ most powerful attack. As human beings turn into cannibalistic monsters, and it seems impossible to contain this new threat, Margaret puts her own life on the line to save billions. Sigler’s brand of visceral, in-your-face horror, complemented by well-drawn characters and some very smart writing, will make this a surefire hit with horror and sf aficionados.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, December 2013.

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