Nocturnal, Scott Sigler (Crown)


From the author of several excellent horror novels, including Contagious (2009) and Ancestor(2010), comes another page-turner. Bryan Clauser, a San Francisco police detective investigating a series of strange killings, is shocked when his own tormented dreams seem to presage the murders. And when he discovers that the victims all appear to be connected to a deeply troubled boy, Bryan starts questioning his own sanity. But then the larger truth begins to emerge, and he realizes that he has somehow been caught up in a war between surface dwellers and the strange creatures who have, until now, remained hidden beneath. Sigler has several strong points as a storyteller, but his primary strength is his ability to create believable characters, even living in what may appear to be unbelievable worlds. Bryan Clauser feels like a real person, and we follow him into this fantastic story, buying into it because he buys into it. For Sigler’s devoted following, and for fans of realistically presented horror fiction, this is a must-read.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, March 2012.


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