The Devil Colony, James Rollins (Morrow)


The new Sigma Force novel begins more than 200 years ago, with the discovery of a gold-plated mastodon skull that, if it fell into the wrong hands, could throw the future of the U.S. into jeopardy. Flash forward to the present day. In Utah, a murder-suicide leads to the discovery of hundreds of mummified bodies, a cache of boxes filled with gold, and . . . a gold-plated saber-tooth-tiger skull. After a massive explosion produces some unique aftereffects, Sigma Force heads off to Utah to assess the possible threat to the country. Meanwhile, in an apparently unrelated development, a former enemy reveals that the criminal organization known only as the Guild may have influenced events surrounding the founding of the U.S. Soon, inevitably, the two story elements begin to combine, and an exciting finale seems assured. Fans of the Sigma Force thrillers are probably already beginning to salivate. A Rollins book is a guaranteed good time, and this one’s certainly no exception.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, July 2011.

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