Hell’s Corner, David Baldacci (Grand Central)

hells corner

Shortly after the events related in Divine Justice (2008), Oliver Stone, former CIA assassin and now the leader of the shadowy group known as the Camel Club, is whisked away to a top-secret meeting with the president of the U.S. Russian drug cartels are operating on American soil, possibly with the approval—if not the direct supervision—of the Russian government. Stone’s mission is to go to the drugs’ point of entry, Latin America, and find a way to shut the cartels down. But before he can even begin his mission training, Stone finds himself in the middle of what appears to be a terrorist attack on the life of the British prime minister. Teaming up with a British intelligence agent, Stone attempts to determine if the attack is connected to the Russian drug-smuggling operation. The latest Camel Club novel is, as usual, skillfully constructed and very difficult to put down. Baldacci keeps peeling back layers of Stone’s psyche, revealing him to be a man full of unresolved conflicts and a potentially self-destructive amount of guilt over his past actions. Another winner.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, October 2010


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