Divine Justice, written by David Baldacci, read by Ron McLarty (Books on Tape)


Camel Club series fans will be happy to know that Oliver Stone, a former government assassin who exposes high-level conspiracies, survived his fall into the water that concluded Stone Cold (2007), also read by McLarty and available from Books on Tape. On the run after gunning down two enemies, Stone holes up in a small town while his comrades work feverishly to find out if he is still alive and whether they can keep him that way. McLarty takes a deep breath and plunges right into the fast-paced story, immediately ratcheting up suspense to a high level and keeping it that way until the very end. He punctuates his performance with moments of breathless anticipation and befuddlement. The novel has a tender, fugitive-like subplot involving a family in the town where Stone is hiding, and McLarty reads these sections with appropriate dramatic flourishes before switching gears to reflect the action-packed passages. A masterful performance.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, February 2009

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