Bravo, written by Greg Rucka, read by John Glouchevitch (Dreamscape)

bravo audio

Former Delta Force operator Jad Bell returns for another rousing adventure. Jad’s still a little beat up from the events of the first Bell novel, 2012’s Alpha, but he’s one of those duty-before-personal-considerations guys, and when the American government needs someone to lead a mission to capture a terrorist known as the Uzbek, he wouldn’t consider saying no (but he does wish that the mission didn’t turn up a deep-cover American agent who’s been acting as the Uzbek’s lover and confidante, and whose own loyalties are now seriously questionable). Reader Glouchevitch does a nice job of delineating the characters’ voices—the Uzbek rough and menacing, the American agent sultry and seductive, Jad world-weary and sharp-witted—and, like author Rucka, he knows when to ratchet up the excitement, giving his voice a sort of breathless quality in some scenes, as though he’s racing to catch up with the story. A well-written thriller, read well.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, March 2015.


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