Bravo, Greg Rucka (Little, Brown/Mulholland)


Following the events of Alpha (2012), in which he pretty much single-handedly prevented a terrorist attack at a major amusement park, former Delta Force operative Jad Bell could seriously use a breather. That will have to wait, though, until he completes his current mission: travel across the world and apprehend a man known as the Uzbek, who planned the amusement-park attack (which almost took the lives of Bell’s daughter and ex-wife). The mission goes according to plan, with one slight hiccup: Bell’s team also finds, along with the Uzbek, a woman who turns out to be a deep-undercover American agent. The question is, which side is the woman on? And can she provide information that will help Bell stop a new attack on American soil? This fast-paced actioner should appeal to fans of the author’s Atticus Kodiak and Tara Chace series; it has the same energetic feel to it, the same broad-strokes approach to character design. A solid, satisfying thriller from an always-dependable writer.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, August 2014.


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