Gone Cold, Douglas Corleone (Minotaur)

gone cold

It’s been more than a decade since Simon Fisk’s daughter was abducted and his wife committed suicide. Now Fisk, a former U.S. marshal who hires himself out as a freelance investigator specializing in finding missing children, has a chance to find out what happened to his own little girl. It starts when he finds a tantalizing clue that, after all these years, his daughter might still be alive but in a world of trouble. Corleone’s prose is lean, his plotting tight, his characters vividly drawn. There’s plenty of action and violence, but, considering the story the author is telling, it’s all completely appropriate; and the pace is so fast that the violence is often over before we’ve really begun processing it. Fisk is one of the more interesting series leads in the contemporary-thriller genre, a man who’s so guilt-ridden over his own daughter’s abduction that he’s compelled to help other parents in similar situations. Will he finally find some measure of peace here? Stay tuned.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, June 2015.


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