The Kill Bill Diary, David Carradine (HarperCollins)

kill bill diary

Distilled from the diary that Carradine kept during the making of Kill Bill, the film that catapulted him back into the limelight, this book certainly won’t satisfy readers looking for dirt or even innuendo about the film’s director, Quentin Tarantino. Carradine is an unabashed Tarantino fan, and in this mixture of autobiography, biography, and behind-the-scenes account, the director emerges as a rare and enigmatic talent and a true film genius. Despite the book’s diary format, it is surprisingly fluid and graceful; Carradine is a stylish and witty writer. Fans of behind-the-scenes books may be a tad disappointed in this one’s lack of technical details—Carradine doesn’t spend a lot of time discussing cameras, special effects, and the like—but readers interested in the people who make movies, rather than the moviemaking itself, will be well pleased. Like Tarrantino, Carradine has always had a reputation for being enigmatic, but here he comes off both humble and remarkably multifaceted. Give this one a chance; it will surprise you.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, September 2006.


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