Blame, Jeff Abbott, Grand Central


Two years ago, teenager Jane Norton caused a car accident that killed her passenger, David Hall. At least that’s what she’s been told: she woke up after the accident with amnesia and is still discovering new memories, but she continues to remember nothing of the accident. She knows that David’s mother despises her, and that her former best friend, Kamala (David’s girlfriend), seems determined to ruin her life. But is she determined enough to be the person who, posing as the fictitious Liv Danger, has posted a message on Jane’s social-media page claiming to know what really happened that night two years ago? As Jane desperately tries to find out who Liv is and what led up to the accident, the questions keep stacking up, each one adding a layer of mystery to Jane’s life. A solid stand-alone from the author of the Sam Capra series.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, May 2017.


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