The Burial Hour, Jeffery Deaver, Grand Central

burial hour


Lincoln Rhyme, the quadriplegic criminalist, calls New York City home. But occasionally he travels to other places. In The Kill Room (2013), he follows the trail of a killer to the Bahamas. Here, he’s way outside his comfort zone: Naples, Italy, to be exact, where an unknown subject who nearly killed a man in New York has fled (and has, apparently, attacked another victim). When Rhyme and his partner, NYPD detective Amelia Sachs, turn up in Naples, they aren’t exactly warmly received, especially by the prosecutor in charge of the case and the lead detective. But, as Rhyme and Sachs show just how good they are, they begin to win over their law-enforcement adversaries. Misdirection and plot twists abound, and the novel’s theme (the European immigrant problem) feels, given recent events in American politics, timely and relevant. Another strong entry from the always-reliable Deaver.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, March 2017.


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