Killing Season, Faye Kellerman, William Morrow

killing season


Ben, 17, is looking for the person who murdered his sister three years ago. Sam Shanks, the homicide cop who’s been on the case since the beginning, believed for a long time that the girl had fallen victim to a serial killer known as the Demon, but Ben’s tireless investigation has turned up clues suggesting his sister was killed by someone else, identity unknown. Soon Ben finds himself the target of a ruthless killer, and there may be nothing Sam can do to protect the boy. Kellerman delivers a great story, some fine characters, and a disquieting, look-over-your-shoulder atmosphere that should keep readers turning the pages as fast as they can. There’s also a rather touching plot thread involving Ben and a girl named Ro, who goes to Ben’s school and whose interest in Ben both excites and confuses him. Is Ro harboring dark secrets, or is Ben just a teenager with an overactive imagination? Compelling and sharply written.

This review originally appeared in Booklist, September 1, 2017


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